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Beginning to Read By Marilyn Adams

Bringing Words to Life Second Edition By Isabel Beck, Margaret McKeown, and Linda Kucan

Conquering Dyslexia: A Guide to Early Detection and Intervention for Teachers and Families by Jan Hasbrouck

Equipped for Reading Success by David Kilpatrick

Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties by David Kilpatrick

Language at the Speed of Sight: How We Read, Why So Many Can’t, and What Can Be Done About It by Mark Seidenberg | Book Study

Overcoming Dyslexia Second Edition by Sally Shaywitz and Jonathan Shaywitz

Proust and the Squid : The Story and Science of the Reading Brain by Maryanne Wolf

Reading Development and Difficulties: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice by David A. Kilpatrick, R. Malatesha Joshi, Richard K. Wagner

Shifting the Balance: 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Balanced Literacy Classroom by Jan Burkins and Kari Yates

Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers, Third Edition, by Louisa Moats

Straight Talk About Reading by Susan Hall and Louisa Moats

The Knowledge Gap by Natalie Wexler

The Writing Rope: A Framework for Explicit Writing Instruction in All Subjects by Joan Sedita | Book Study

Reading in the Brain: The New Science of How We Read by Stanislas Dehaene

Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Literacy by Denise Eide

Unlocking Literacy Second Edition by Marcia Henry

Why Our Children Can't Read And What We Can Do About It by Diane McGuinness

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